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Welcome to the Australian Cluster Headaches website

Here you will find a forum and information for sufferers of cluster headache and their supporters.

Cluster Headache (CH) is a neurological disease that involves, as its most prominent feature, a severe degree of head pain. "Cluster" refers to the tendency for these headaches to occur periodically, with active periods interrupted by spontaneous remissions. Cluster Headaches specifically occur on one side of the head (unilateral). Cluster Headache is not a well understood condition and the cause of the disease is currently unknown. It affects approximately 0.1% of the population, and men are more commonly affected than women.

The pain of cluster headaches is markedly greater than in other headache conditions, including severe migraines; experts have suggested that it may be the most painful condition known to medical science. Female patients have reported it as being more severe than childbirth.

Professor Peter Goadsby; director of the UCSF Headache Centre and one of the world's leading headache experts and researchers has commented:

Cluster headache is probably the worst pain that humans experience. I know thatís quite a strong remark to make, but if you ask a cluster headache patient if they've had a worse experience, they'll universally say they haven't. Women with cluster headache will tell you that an attack is worse than giving birth. So you can imagine that these people give birth without anaesthetic once or twice a day, for six, eight, or ten weeks at a time, and then have a break. It's just awful."

The condition was originally named Horton's Cephalalgia after Dr. B.T Horton. His original paper describes the severity of the headaches as being able to take normal men and force them to attempt or complete suicide. From Horton's 1939 paper on cluster headache:

"Our patients were disabled by the disorder and suffered from bouts of pain from two to twenty times a week. They had found no relief from the usual methods of treatment. Their pain was so severe that several of them had to be constantly watched for fear of suicide. Most of them were willing to submit to any operation which might bring relief."

Daniel Radcliffe is a sufferer of Cluster Headaches.


If you're an Australian sufferer of these evil headaches, then you've found the Aussie site dedicated to helping you and your GP find ways to treat the pain in Australia according to Australian health regulations and available drugs/treatments!

Whether you're a sufferer, a supporter of someone or just know someone who gets these, then I hope you find this site a valuable information source. The forum is full of friendly beautiful people who know what it's like to live with cluster headaches, so feel free to join and contribute and ask questions.



About this site

I made this site because I (Roger) have suffered from Cluster headaches since 1994, and there was no Australian site to help Australians. This is not a commercial site, so there will be no advertising here, It's here to help others freely and to lend support when you think you can't go on.

If you get these or care for or live with someone who does, then this site is for you! You'll find the site's members a compassionate group of sufferers and partners/carers who know first hand what it is like when these demons arrive every day, so you're far from alone!

If you have been sent here by someone who suffers these, please see this page to understand what they go through.

As a sufferer, You'll also probably agree that there is a> widespread lack of understanding by GPs and specialists - probably due to the rareness of the condition (69 people in 100,000 get them) I always find I know more about it than my GP just from research on the Internet.

This site has now grown to become the Australian home for 'clusterheads' It is an information resource and a forum for Australian sufferers of Cluster Headaches

At this site, we can share information and treatments and the latest advances in medicine, and maybe, by collecting info from polls, we may find a link between sufferers that might lead to identifying the cause and eventually a cure. So Join us today and be alone no more!


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