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Posted in Untitled on 12 Feb, 2011 - 7:49 pm

Thanks for your advice, guys.

I think it's safe to say I'm not having cluster headaches now that the profile of my pain has changed completely. I go most days without more than a vague ache in my head and for the last two days I've managed to move my left eye a little more than normal before I hit the pain barrier. I have lost much of the vision in my left eye in exchange for the movement and at this stage, I'm patiently waiting to hear when my neuro appointment is.

On the bright side, I've had limited success with the Headache Clnic treatment in that I had intense pain replicated once by manipulating C2-C3 in my neck. Whilst they're not convinced that they're doing anything for it by such limited success, I'm sure fixing odd things in my neck will fix other things if not a headache.

On that note, as I said, thanks for your advice and, since I am fairly sure that your collective advice has been correct with respect to a guess of what's going on, I'll leave you guys to it. I hope each and every one of you has some level of success in the treatment and management of the terror of your suffering.

Posted in Untitled on 01 Feb, 2011 - 6:13 pm

Thanks for the info, Ben - much appreciated and of course, certainly doesn't substitute my efforts to find out what's going on smile SUNCT is certainly another interesting one - kind of similar to CH but a lot more about the eye. As you say, with a good specialist, it shouldn't be too hard to narrow down a headache that comes with excruciating orbital pain, surely?

My appointment at the headache clinic was today and I think we've categorically ruled out migraine, likely ruled out tension headache and, given the course of questioning, maybe I explained it better there, but we've not yet ruled out CH - they certainly weren't able to replicate the headache by anything they did with my neck.

Their recommendation was to get onto a neurologist sooner rather than later, which I'll attempt to organise a referral for tomorrow .. and then wait smile

Posted in Untitled on 31 Jan, 2011 - 9:57 pm

Oh, forgot to mention .. the pain is getting worse (painkillers aside) not petering out and not remaining constant. It started tolerable and I needed maybe a dose of painkillers in the morning, but that was it .. now I need painkillers as soon as I get up so they kick in before I get into the car because just looking to the mirrors on each side of the car is excruciating without painkillers.

In the last week, my left eye has also started tearing up to the point of having a constant white tear stain on the outer edge of my eye some days sad The days I wake up at 5am with pain, after I finally get back to sleep a couple of hours later, I wake again with the stuffy nostril that is mentioned. Are these two symptoms (eye and nostril) almost defining on their own if you have a headache that starts behind an eye?

Posted in Untitled on 31 Jan, 2011 - 9:42 pm

Hi all,

I stumbled upon your shores in the effort to, well, understand if the headaches I've been having are these suckers or not. I apologise in advance for the long post. I don't even have to type much to know this is gonna be long smile

Just after Christmas, I had a headache above my left eye that stood out from headaches I'd had previously. I'm not stranger to all sorts of headaches, being mostly averse to drinking enough water smile I do not, however, suffer from anything even remotely like migraines (well, haven't to date that I can recall). Anyway, this headache stood out and I can remember having it.

A couple of days later, the sore neck I'd been developing (on the right side, down the shoulder) was getting worse and the now recurring headaches above my left eye were also getting worse. I saw a physio a few times a week to get my neck back on track and it's still quite sore on manipulation (just tension plus I sit at a desk all day) but I have full movement day to day, pain free.

Within a couple of visits to the physio for my neck, I noticed my left eye was sore to move side to side. Not unbearable, just annoying right at the edges, like I imagine eye strain would feel. I've had that pain before and it's gone away after a few days - never more than an annoyance really. This time, it just kept getting worse.

So here we are a month later and I'm now in intense pain that is only even remotely manageable with a *strict* regime of Panadol and Nurofen. Still nothing really touches the pain in my eye, but I can keep the headaches at bay using these. For reference, I can't take codeine, morphine and, based on my experience over the weekend, tramadol is also on the no-go list. Panadol and Nurofen are really all I have.

Up until today, I was sure I had a constant headache and eyeache. Today, I'm not so sure; I definitely have a constant eye-ache but the headache only comes when I try to move my eye too much. I've had 10/10 headaches and 10/10 eye pain if I can't/don't have painkillers.

The eye pain feels like I've been socked a few times in the eye. Moving my eye feels like I'm just short of tearing something behind my eye. The pressure of closing my eyelid is uncomfortable and the pressure of closing my eyelid tight is unbearable. Colours are the same, but intensity is .. lacking? I also feel like things take longer to process through that eye - like I can see them but it takes me a split second longer to recognise them. My vision itself is unaffected according to an optometrist and an ophthalmologist gave me the all clear today after a ct scan, visual field test and blood tests. There's nothing wrong with my eye sad

My head is sore from my eyebrow up to halfway toward the back of my head. It radiates down to the temple and sometimes to the back of my head, right at the bottom. As I said, I don't seem to have headaches all the time but when I get them and can't keep them under control, I just feel like I need to hold my head together.

It's not a tight feeling like a tension headache, it's not across my forehead like a tension headache, I don't feel like light is giving me a hard time (it is annoying because looking through my left eye is like looking through clear cellophane!), I'm not fussed about noise beyond my patience being too short to tolerate annoying noise. I feel worse when I lie down, so the standard response for a migraine sufferer to be in a dark room with no noise, sleeping, is not my favourite thought to manage it.

My concentration is out the window, it hurts more when I lie on the left side of my head and I've woken up most days with intense pain in my eye at 5am, to the point where I've resorted to sleeping with a bottle of water by the bed and enough nurofen and panadol to get me through the night. Other than 5am, I don't feel like it's sudden - it's kind of niggling pain in my head, then I'll just realise it hurts. Maybe after a month I'm just used to it sad

I've been to the hospital; and been sent home with the diagnosis of "migraine" and a box of nurofen. Helpful. I feel nauseous and dizzy when the pain is bad, but not otherwise. My blood pressure is significantly higher than usual, though my GP isn't sure if it's a cause or symptom yet.

I'm booked into the Headache Clinic here in Adelaide (Malvern actually) tomorrow afternoon; after 5 appointments, they claim to be able to confirm whether it's the result of a neck disorder and if not, back to the GP I go.

Does anyone have any experience with the Headache Clinic? Does anyone have a sore neck that's become a cluster headache? Does anyone have any idea if mine sounds like yours? Does anyone have any suggestions for non-opiate pain relief for my eye which is apparently the root of all evil? (maybe opiate pain relief is the root of all evil *laugh*). Can anyone help?

Sorry again for the long post .. I'm tired of the pain and I'm tired of a month of popping painkillers just to function sad