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Posted in Detox? on 12 Feb, 2011 - 11:27 pm

i think you are missing my point im not suggesting that bacon is causing it or any other one type of food in particular just that , because there is something wrong with my digestive tract wether that be from birth or caused by some other means it is imperitive that i keep a good diet and doing so i was able to stop them for about three years without any drugs at all , the one time i didnt and i did not take notice of the warning signs i got them back this to me isnt a coincidence and what you are saying about preservatives and flavour enhances is true as well, and i have reseached, but with fresh fruit and vegebles and a good balanced diet they are at a minimum anyway. i also am aware that saying your stomach is causing ch sounds bizzare but it worked , for me any way , much like many people on this site i got them that bad , every few months i went into a cycle of them left eye red feeling like its about to explode out of my head nose run my left side of my jaw , neck and so on down to nothing with diet only no drugs that is all i was trying to say

Posted in Detox? on 12 Feb, 2011 - 2:16 am

hi ben
sounds like you know your meds and your right i have been given that many different ones from the neurrologist to try and find out which ones work the best but they didnt work and side effects were making things worse if anything especialy anything whith codeine in it and when i went to peter mac and he found out the blood was internal he told me throw them all out. you can understand my hesitation at first but he suggested a diet and gave me an understanding of what was happening in my digestive tract so i thought id give it a go , i had tried everything else , and i got more relief from that than anything else is tried. just lately though i overendulged at chrismas and diverted from the diet and started to get the headaches again , but if i eat a big meal ounce im in a cycle i will with out dought get 10's the ones you think that its just not worth it so i eat smaller more proportioned meals with a high fibre breky and i will still get them untill the cycle finishes but they will only be mild. Ounce they are gone i will start eating properly again and stop getting up late and pigging out on bacon and fried stuff and that is how i kept them away for so long last time. Before that i was getting them twice a year for 2-3 months and nothing would stop them
maybe as you say its not the same for everyone and each persons body is different but with me from what i have experieced there seems to be a drect coralation between what i eat and ch. great reading your coments ben

Posted in Detox? on 10 Feb, 2011 - 12:56 am

hi heather
yes you are right and that is one of the things that the specialist at the maccullum institute was looking for when he found the scar tissue, no cancer thank heavens. but after being there i am starting to learn how to manage my condition and focus on not getting the attacks rather than pain mangement after they come. The biggest thing that i have found for me is breakfast , a high fibre breakfast , there has been times in the past with a busy work schedule i have skipped it and after a week or so i notice that my neck and shoulders are starting to get tight with a very mild attack of about a half an hour and i will make sure i put the time aside for breaky and and start eating properly and they will go, this time however i have ignored those warning signs and it has been at my peril. now they are here 2-3 times a day and quite savage i guess the damage has been done and untill it heals i will get the headaches.
thanks for welcome to heather

Posted in Detox? on 09 Feb, 2011 - 10:54 pm

hi all im new to this site but have suffered ch for about ten years went to all sorts of doctors and ended up, at the advice of a neurologist, at a gastroligist at the peter maccallum institute at box hill. After an exhausting round of tests he found that i have scar tisue where my lower intestine meets my bowel. His theory on this was that i was ingesting something , being either toxen or food that was causing it to close and that diet could well prevent this, and interestingly envolved in those tests was a bowel cancer test that envolved the dreaded apparatus and the headaches stoped i thaught this was a coincidence until reading this thread, any way i have watched my diet and was ch free for about 3 years untill recently where my diet has suffered over christmas and they are back but have no dought that for me any way they are diet related. I would like to ask , hestitantly, while suffering a bout of attacks has anyone else noticed a bit of blood after going to the toilet as i have been in the same situation as saintpeter and i know that when i see that blood for next few months i will be in aggony
great to hear from people who understand the pain and good to see people supporting each other