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Posted in aborted an attach cycle. on 27 Aug, 2013 - 7:36 am

Hi Ben,
so as you can see the prednisolone didnt work as im currenlty suffering... iconicon I commenced these meds when i first had the mild headaches signalling the beginning of a cycle and the first course of the medication aborted the attack (or so i thought) but then 3 months later the mild headaches signalling the beginning of an attack came back, i then took a second course of the meds (as directed by the neuro) which this time aborted them for 3-4 weeks.
But then the headaches returned, the first one was not the worst i had but it was a big one... (One i would usually get close to the middle of a cycle)
I was so upset as you can imagine... so i feel the meds did work but only temporily, but if im going to get the cluster eventually and can only take 2 courses of the meds at one time, i might as well have gotten the cluster... it would have been over by now... but anyway thought i would give you an update... Im getting the headaches twice a day and using the immigran nasal spray and cold packs to manage the attacks at the moment so just have to grin and bear it i guess.. hopefully its a short one... icon hope your're well icon

Posted in aborted an attach cycle. on 24 Jun, 2013 - 6:26 pm

thanks Ben... take care icon

Posted in aborted an attach cycle. on 20 Jun, 2013 - 7:02 pm

no problem at all Ben
always happy to be an ear if needed icon

Yes i was worried when the doctor suggested the prednisolone, i managed to put on 3kg in a week when taking it so that was a awful side effect, but im sure it was one of the minor ones...icon

he did say as long as i only ever take it for a week or two maximum every 2 years (thats usually the time frame between my clusters), i shouldnt have any problems, but it still worried me, but not enough for me not to try it obviously...

i use immigran nasal spray during an attack and use that far more than i should during a cluster, (sometimes 3 a day) as im sure you can understand, im not thinking of anything other than trying to stop the pain. so im hoping the side effects from this far outweight the excess immigran i would be taking otherwise... and i really hope it works a 2nd time as ive heard so many stories of those who something works one time, and then doesnt the next...

only time will tell

thanks for all the informatoin you have provided
take care

Posted in aborted an attach cycle. on 19 Jun, 2013 - 10:53 pm

ps sorry for the spelling errors, only notice after i post comments icon

Posted in aborted an attach cycle. on 19 Jun, 2013 - 10:49 pm

Hi Ben
thanks for the info, very interesting... both my parents smoked during my childhood... and that was when it was acceptble to smoke inside...

Luckily for my children, i am no longer a smoker and i really do feel like my CH were worse and clusters closer together when i was a smoker...

Although my husband still is a smoker, he is only a social smoker and never smokes around our children or me, even when outdoors, so if passive smoking is linked to CH as your info shows, as well as being linked to so many other health problems, at least they dont have to worry about that.

Im in the same boat with my mum, she has had breast cancer and quit smoking during chemo & radio therapy etc, but started around a year after being in remission... its really sad, especially as i know how hard it is to quit and to have done so and started again, especially after beating cancer, is hard to get my head around...

Hoping things get better with your clusters and your mum
take care

Posted in aborted an attach cycle. on 19 Jun, 2013 - 7:16 pm

thanks Roger
very interesting regarding the smoking, i havent been a smoker for around 7 years now but felt the attacks were more severe when i was a smoker... maybe it was cause i drank far more alcohol when i was...haha |icon

Posted in aborted an attach cycle. on 18 Jun, 2013 - 8:17 am

Hi everyone,
at the end of my last cluster two years ago, i visited with a neurologists who recommended i try using "PREDNISOLONE" at the first sign that the headaches were coming, which he said worked for another of his patent's...

It was a week's course and i dont know if it were a fluke, but it elimated the attach (touch wood i dont jinx it)

I was getting that nagging twinge that signs they are coming and was praying it was not the case, but i got a very mild one on the 24th of march signalling they had in fact arrived I started the course of "PREDNISOLONE" immediately and noticed during the week taking them, i could feel the headaches wanting to come, (that slight tinge/ache that signals the beginning of the end) but they soon dissappeared and the attach did not come... I

really hope it was not afluke but this is the first time i have ever been able to abort the attach over 13 years of being a sufferer. I think the meds really worked... ** also during this time, i did not touch a drop of alcohol, as i know this makes then worse for me and i also suffered a lot more/more severly before quitting smoking also **... anyway wanted to share and hope it can help others
jo icon|

Posted in on 24 Mar, 2013 - 3:26 pm

Hi Hoppy
Just had my first big one of the cycle (nothing too crazy yet) but enough to get the eye watering and have just added to my med list for tomorrow "apricots". will let you know if it works for me icon
Thanks for sharing

Posted in Untitled on 11 Apr, 2011 - 6:19 pm

HI Ben and Heather.
thanks for the information and yes, the reason i would like to know is just to be aware if they started showing symtoms, also it is good to be prepared and aware if there was the possiblilty... Being a mother, i think i just wanted the main reason is that i wanted someone to say, no, they are not genetic and then i it would be a huge relief to me... Either way i hope to god my beautiful girls never have to go through the same thing!!
thanks again guys

Posted in Untitled on 10 Apr, 2011 - 8:09 am

Hi heather
your explaination makes perfect sense to me. Either way i wont be doing any intense excercise for a long time... looks like its just walking and weights for me smile
too scared lol

Yes that is my daughter... she is 3.5 years old and my youngest daughter is almost 4months.

It has been very hard at times but ive noticed the severity of my attacks hasnt been as bad since having my two girls, which i really hope to god that is not coincidental.... Before having my first i was a smoker and a social drinker but having the girls, I havent had a cigarette for over 5 years and dont drink very often so this could definately be the reason they have decreased in severity...

Some days its so hard... have to get up and feed my 4month old whilst having an attack has been hell and Im so damn tired. (im currently breastfeeding so hubby cant help- the breastfeeding assosciation of australia has said that immigran nasal spray is ok during breastfeeding so that is a godsent)... it is hard to cope, but im a tough cookie, so im just hoping since its been over 10 weeks they have begun (this time around) they will shortly vanish (hopefully to never return this time - i can only dream). i have only had a few severe headaches this time around that have left me on the floor in agony, crying and hitting the wall, so must look at that as a positive.

I have always taken the Immigran nasal spray along with cold packs and these seem to work quite well for a lot of the time... except at the very peak of the cluster, then nothing seems to work at all. i have not been able to take preventatives due to the pregancy and luckily did not have a cluster during either pregnancy but will go to a new neurologist soon to see what prevenatives i should take. i am also thinking of trying the oxygen again as everyone on the site seems to swear by it , but it did not work for me, when i tried it about 7 years go.

thanks for your advice and support... its so lovely to be able to share and have people who truly understand...

Posted in Left or right sided on 09 Apr, 2011 - 4:00 pm

righty sad In the 12 years i have been suffering, it has always been on the right side... I believe once it has occured on the left (one headache that is)

Posted in exercise as preventative on 09 Apr, 2011 - 3:55 pm

hi there,
after giving birth to my 2nd daughter just 4 months ago, i decided after 2 months to get healthy. hubby started personal training sessions with me and this i believe set off the latest cluster... every time i would finish the session, i would feel the beginnings of the CH. Not during the excercise, always immediately after finishing...
Also had the same experience when i used to play soccer 10 years ago, without fail i would get a headache after every game... I have come to the conclusion that personally i cannot excercise during a cluster as they bring them on and intense excercise in general in future is to be avoided in my case, as i defiantely see a link with me and CH


Posted in Untitled on 09 Apr, 2011 - 3:25 pm

Poor Baby boy...
I have two daughters and if this condition is genetic, i could not bear to see my babies in such pain... i really feel for you and wish you all the best helping him icon

Posted in Untitled on 09 Apr, 2011 - 3:23 pm

If you want to use the imigran nasal spray... I buy them in bulk (all 5 repeats at once) from the Chemist warehouse, so instead of paying $24.50 a box for 2 doses, i pay $16.00 a box for the 2 doses and if i buy all repeats at once 6 boxes, i pay $13.00 a box... just a thought... the medication is expensive enough so this may help icon

Posted in Untitled on 09 Apr, 2011 - 3:10 pm

Hi there,
sorry if this has already been outlined in the website, i have only started getting through it all, but wanted to know if this condition is genetic at all? I have two daughters and could not stand it if they were affected by this condition.... Its hard enough that they have to see me in so much pain... I would just die if they had to go through the same thing icon

Posted in Untitled on 08 Apr, 2011 - 11:26 pm

pretty late reply but i definately find that any excercise that involves lots of cardio actually triggers my headaches... It seems to be the opposite to above replies but personally, i always stop any cardio exercise during a cluster as i have found in the past, these exercises increase the severity of a headache and actually bring them on in my case sad