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Posted in Untitled on 10 Apr, 2011 - 8:50 pm

hi, i am new too,
i have just been diagnosed with cluster headaches. I have been getting six to ten headaches a day, some lasting up to 3 hrs. I have six kids and a full time job (well was anyway, i have had 8 days off in the last three weeks) My doctor has given me Endep to take at night and Brufen three times a day and she said to take panadol every 6 hrs, I have had one day where i only got 1 headache, but other than that no relief. The endep makes me VERY drowsy and groogy for the majority of the next day.
Does anyone else take endep? if so does it work? and does the groogy feeling stop?
I am a cad specialist and really need my brain to 'work' but since i have had these stupid bloody headaches my brain just doesnt want to do anything! even trying to expalin to my boss why i needed to go home was very difficult as i couldnt get the words out of my mouth. Is that a symtom of cluster headaches?
sorry for my thousand questions, i have never heard of them before the doc diagnosed me, i have always suffered migranes, but this is like pure hell!