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Posted in Out of medication - public holiday on 18 Apr, 2014 - 7:48 pm

Am annoyed at myself for letting myself run out of Relpax on Good Friday, in Gosford - no pharmacies available.. It certainly won't be happening again. Have a possible episode preluding. Will stay up all night using everything I can lay my hands on if I have to. GRRR.

Posted in cluster headache poem on 04 Nov, 2012 - 11:57 am


Ratta-tat. Ratta-tat.
Almost not there.
A shadow of a sound.
The war beat beyond the woods,
coming for me.
They never cease advancing.
Stop for no one.
Now, so distant,
but, by lunchtime, they’ll have me over their fire,
bound and burning,
torturing me with instruments
I never knew existed.

Bring it on you bastards!

Play my dirge
that I won’t die to.
Beat my rhythm
that I won’t dance to.
Call yourselves ‘Suicide Headaches’
and I will deem you a mere ‘Cluster’.
But, I won’t rely on false hope:
“Use this diet. Take that herb”.
For, I know the battle is psychological,
and you seek to unnerve me.
But, I, the seasoned warrior counter:

Bring it on you bastards!

The time has come! Load the artillery!
Medication’s in place
to face you off
with annihilation for trespass.
For, I know I can take
any pain you can give,
then forget it tomorrow
till your next guerrilla creeping.
And, I’ll make it to that job interview.
Oh, your timing’s impeccable,
but, you lost this one,
and you will next time, so

Bring it on you bastards!

Posted in Treatment? on 15 Mar, 2012 - 12:37 pm


Thank very much for all your help. I will do all of these things,


Posted in Treatment? on 14 Mar, 2012 - 3:02 pm

Hi, I have just discovered this site. I have suffered for 24 years, but never did much about it because I am so good at forgetting these headaches because when I got one I would habitually put myself in another place as a means of tring to counteract the pain. Up until now I have just taken analgeiscs which always took ages to work, but I have probably really just waited the headaches out. Now, the headaches are lasting longer and longer. Wondered what the most common CH medication is and if there are any good specialists in Sydney? Sorry to be such a beginner on all this.