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Posted in Untitled on 19 Dec, 2007 - 11:17 am

I am not sure either about my HAs. I have been getting eye aches since I was a kid that lasted for 1-2 hours then go away. I can't remember when they came but think around the warmer months. I noticed as I got older and drank alcohol that this would trigger a similar HA but only during the period I would get HAs and not at other times. I don't get alot of lacrimation (tears) and I am not sure about the level of pain. I looked at the kip scale and have been 8-9 but not often usually minue seem around 6-7. I get the vein pop out on the side of my CH. My right eye feels more like its cramping. I have had severe mucle spasms and these headaches seem similar. I have noticed that the top of my head burns and I also got pain in my throat. Also I have experienced hypersensitive skin on face‚ neck‚ head of the affected side

I am not sure if my HAs fit the normal CH type. I have tried:

steroids no effect
propranolol no effect
I have taken valium and panadine forte which seems to help me settle but don't relieve the pain.

I would be interested to hear from you guys if you think this fits the symptoms. I would like to not need any medications