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Posted in hoping for help on 12 Feb, 2016 - 9:23 am

Thanks so much for your suggestions and feedback, it does really help knowing its not just you/me, i think (beastie) you are right about the endep, it rings a bell,

Unfortunately the doctor who i pay, doesn't work on fridays here which is very inconvenient but thats another story.

As for alcohol, i haven't touched that since these headaches first started which was, am gonna say around the 19th of jan.

As for the CH they seem to be getting worse, i though i was over the bad period but i got put in my place yesterday.

I went to the dentist as advised by doctors and the chiropractor i saw, dentist said that he cant understand why, but gave me a referral for an x ray on my teeth which i will go and do today, if all is good.

I guess you all know how frustrating it is, am still secretly trying to find an answer as to why these headaches are occuring, but i know that no one seems to know.

As for the CH yesterday, i was all positive thinking that teeth aren't a problem then met some people i hadn't seen for a while and they started asking how i had been, i filled them in and they all gave their two cents as people do. Cut out sugar, stop drinking, do yoga and so on, and it hit me like a brick, and this was 7 30pm last night, it died down by 9 30pm, reappeared at 1 30 am and then lasted an hour or so and now back again at 9 30 am. At least it consistent!

Posted in hoping for help on 10 Feb, 2016 - 4:31 pm

Hi Roger,

Well i dont know to be honest why i think mushrooms are not as bad as the tablets, apart from the obvious one to me, which is that they are natural. Grown from the earth.

Having never taken anything like that i have no idea, but i have read alot of good things about them, and i am more willing to try something like that.

I have not tried oxygen yet because the hospitals are too far away and by the time we have driven there and waited in emergency, the pain has pretty much subsided, i did manage to get to the hospital but they just put me on a drip which didnt help.

The doctors which is 4 of them now have not even come close to saying imigran yet, my wife takes it for her migraines, and i understand the spray is very costly.

The doctor yesterday was more inclined to suggest a drug for something more like epilepsy, cant remember the name of the drug.

He also recommended me to see a neurologist after he gets some blood test results, aswell as having an x ray on my jaw and teeth. Have you experienced anything similar?

Posted in hoping for help on 08 Feb, 2016 - 1:22 pm

Hi was hoping to get some feedback from my initial post but am guessing not many people are on here as often anymore. Been reading a lot about this condition and i am not long into having it and am already thinking about going then psychedelic route with these. I dont like taking tablets as is and read alot of good things about mushrooms and other forms of psychedelic drugs to help combat this awful condition. At the moment a really hot shower is helping me cope with initial enslaught as well as the prescribed drugs as the extra boost thats needed. Had a chiropractic appointment today which felt good and didnt get my usual 9 30 appointment with the CH but have just had another attack which leaves me feeling helpless again. Anyone to respond would be nice i know there are lots of comments and read but to have someone respond would feel more personable. Anyway it is what it is....

Posted in new to all this mayhem on 07 Feb, 2016 - 7:30 am

Hi everyone, have been reading your posts and am not sure how i am feeling right now. Glad that most of you find a way to "cope" with the CH as best you can and that you are reaching out to each other, giving a great sense of family or i should be extremely worried having read some accounts which sound absolutely horrific. As you may tell i am new to all this and literally at my second day after being diagnosed with CH. I started out getting these headaches everyday same time of day and i thought it was unusual being somebody who rarely gets a headache even after drinking, so i hit some paracetamol which seemed to kick in after the hour of intense pain in my head/eye. Next day same thing but paracetamol didnt work so i had some soluble asprin which i thought helped because again after about an hour of me jumping in the shower and rolling around on the bed it subsided but still leaving a dull kind of ache which i couldnt explain until reading here. The shadow. Now i have had this experience for 2 weeks odd day not getting a full headache but the shadow remains. I am very worried that its not something more sinister and have been to the doctors 3 times in a week. First he thought i had pharyngitis 2nd doc said CH and gave me proteine forte and 3rd doc said CH and gave me rizatriptan, arthrexin and pramin. I had another CH today and went to ER where they put me on a drip and it did nothing but make me sleepy got home had a sleep and woke with another CH. Next step is a ct scan on Tuesday. Not really sure why i am doing this or even if anyone will respond but kinda feeling lost atm and afraid. This is so new and so horrible i do not know what to do! Sorrry about the grammar.