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Posted in hoping for help on 11 Feb, 2016 - 6:41 am

I noticed that there are 2 experienced doctors in CH, one in Brisbane. It was on a link as I was navigating the site, that could be an option too down the track.
this time when I went to a new doctor I went assuming they didn't know much and gave them a long history orf mine and then went through some of the medications I wrote down and asked him if I can try end of those. It may be worth suggesting nasal imigram. See if they have a free sample. My last doctor in 2012 gave me a box of 4 triptan ones for free as we both agreed that it would be good to see if they worked before I splash out. Worth a try though to suggest a drug as it seems with CH that everyone has different effects with all the options.

Posted in New to the group on 08 Feb, 2016 - 6:31 pm

Rob here.
I was lucky enough to have a remission of over 3 years but then mid Jan they came back on a daily basis.
I had my first lot when I was 30, that lasted few weeks, always 1 a day and always in the daytime between 10am and 5pm. Over last 14 years they come and go with spells of a few months then disappear. Eyes water, nose runs and yeah I pace about if they get really extreme. I used to take ergamine if I caught them in the first 10 minutes. In my last lot in 2012 , which went on for 9 months I didn't take anything, I just rode them out as they lasted on average about 60 minutes.

This latest lot vary in pain levels, but the one today got me searching online again. It stared at 11 was in full swing by 11.30 and lasted at eye watering level til 1 and now has been a nagging nasty headache for last 6 hours.

Anyway, good to join up and hopefully interact with other Australians who suffer these horrible things.