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Posted in Hi on 13 Mar, 2016 - 7:25 pm

Hi colin, i have wasted 10 years of my life thinking like you.. and suffering 1 attack a day.
Its hard to say,.. its hard to listen.. i know.. but almost in my case.. it is true.

Its not a bad way.. i was on this way 8 years..i thought " life is good.. this shit only last for 45 minutes.. etc etc.". it helped a lot..
But when beast came with more pain.,,,,,,i have to looked directly to the eyes.. and re-question some points that i decided to hide in a darkest room following the same way you take.

1- I have Cluster headache.. yes.. but.. i have some more that is not cluster headache ?
2- I have a good quality of life ?

So.. i decides to attack all the bad things on my life ( illness) that wasnt CH..
- Candida overgrowth.
-Too much sugar, fructose, and sugar alcohols .. and yeast and pre-processed food..i began to eat like a pro
-Sleep regulary, helped by some soft-drugs ( lexatin, bendryl etc )
-Take regular blood analysis.. see vitamins.. minerals.. ( i have loots of d3 deficiendy.
-take care of my muscles bones.. and back.. ( physioterapist )
-Try to smoke 6-7 at day
-Taking l-cisteyne

Since then.. not at the same moment.. it takes 1 week.. now.. i can say with little tears on my eyes.. " I am more than a month PAIN FREE"
i was chronic for 10 years... no more that 3 days PF.

We are so diferent... but i think Cluster headache its not the "Beast" ITS JUST A SYMPTONT.

I wish you the best..

Posted in Chronic 10 years.. crisis every 2days... 12 days without pain.. my road to this..everything natural and no risk on 29 Feb, 2016 - 5:15 pm

After all two things i want to say :

1- first of all excuse my english is very bad.. i come from spain
2- I dont want to say i am cured.. i only want to say i am 12 days free of pain.. it is like.. i just have won one little battle ?? im going to win the war ?? i dont know.. for me .. this fact is.. a miracle..

- Im chronic 10 years.. my longest period of no pain was 2d 3d along this years...
- medics told me to eat triptozol--->topiramate---->verapamil----->prednisone ( only 1 time) along this years.. with no results... or.. only decreasing the pain.. and spaciate the crisis, from 1day to 2-3days ( with verapamil, that really save my life)

In january this year.. things became a nightmare.. more pain.. nausea.. totally down..
I said.. i have to work on this..
Was a long study way.. instead of explain to you.. im going to say.. what i have change in my life:

- No eat sugar, glucosse, lactose.. nothing ( include fruit, natural fruit, no fruit for beguining )
- No drink OR EAT alcohol, or sugars alchols ( polyols) MANY PREPROCESSED FOOD have this
- No eat yeast.. anything with yeast... pizzas.. breed..cakes..
- resume: Only eat.. fresh meal.. directly from the hands of the supermarket dispatcher..
fish blue and white.. only breast chicken... green vegetables.. only water to drink...Eat like u have gluten problem..
-i smoke.. so i am trying to smoke only 4-5 a day
- I take l-cisteyne.. purchased in a local herb in my street.. i asked my doctor.. a problem ?? really naturaly.. my doctor said .. no problem.. go for this...
- I take one pill vitamine d3 3500 ui a day.. and two capsules of omega 3-fish oil .. my blood analythics.. told me i have a insuficency of vitamine d3...
- I go to bed at 22:00 and wake up at 7:00
- I go to phisioterapyst.. to massage me my spine.. and my back...
I think.. the focus is in the way we eat... the chinesse people said that years ago....
Just in my case, 10 years ago i eat a lot of antibiotics ( the doctor recipe that to me.. cause of a big infection), since this time i use to have candidiasis in my stoomach, in my mouth.. etc..
Only for your interest.. use google and search "diflucan conecction" "sugar and cluster headaches"... "what is candida overgrowth... ( candida-->sugar-->alcohol )
You will see.. if my solution have a lot of risk !!!
i discovered.. years ago.. beer and alcohol was a FAST detonate for me.. ( hours to react me causing a crisis )
I have discovered this days.. sugars, yeasts, and alcohols.. are a SLOW detonate for me ( days to react me causing a crisis ) ..

I hope this post help you.. the same way help to me..
I hope my english will be not a problem to understand..
Thank you