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Posted in Developing the Headache Diary Habit on 28 Mar, 2016 - 8:19 am

Hi Colin

thank you for your thoughts. I will be following up with my GP for a neurologist referral. One of the many reasons for recording a diary.

I have been managing my headaches as Migraine with aspirin/ibuprofen/codiene with sumatriptan (ergotamine was not nearly as effective but all I had at the beginning) for the last 30+ years. I have ended up in hospital for pain management on a number of occasions. I have a headache at Kip8-9 at least once every year, Most are around Kip 5 or above. My comment about not knowing whether the pain has stopped is about having learned to ignore the pain and keep going - a necessary skill if life is to be lived rather than observed. Over the last couple of weeks, as I have tried to get the diary habit, I have been paying more attention and this is what I have observed: I have woken with pain, taken my meds and kept going. Over the course of the day I will notice when the pain spikes up to kip 5 or above, (and hopefully write it down) but if I then stop and think about my pain levels I can't be sure if this is a new headache - as in the pain went completely away and then came back again - or if it is just a spike in the same headache - as in I did something it didn't like and instead of hovering menacingly at kip 3 it took action to remind me who was actually in charge. Yesterday I was thinking that maybe what I need to do is set my alarm for every hour (or even half hour) and take my own "headache obs" rather than trying to record events as they happen. Not a very convenient way to do it but maybe the only way to get an accurate picture.

Posted in Developing the Headache Diary Habit on 25 Mar, 2016 - 10:48 am

Hello everyone.

I have just been rediagnosed from Migraine to CH. (And now my whole life makes so much more sense!) The patterns of my headaches have changed dramatically over the last few years. I have been able to pinpoint a seasonal cluster that runs from late November into early February every year by reviewing my medication usage over the last few years. Unfortunately this time around the cluster has not ended. As of today I have not had more than a handful of days that have been headache free since November 2015. I am trying to keep a headache diary to help me identify any 'new' triggers and assess the effectiveness of my new medications. I am looking for any ideas that will help me remember to write/record things as they happen during the day and suggestions for how I can identify when one headache stops and the next begins. On a day when I am on a rolling sea of CH it can be difficult to tell if the pain has stopped, however briefly, or if it has just lessened enough that I am no longer actively aware of it. javascript:icon('icon')