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Posted in Self diagnosis ?? on 26 Apr, 2016 - 8:48 pm

Recently I have started getting regular headaches again. Last time I experienced these types of headaches was 4/5 years ago.
I never heard of cluster headaches until I tried to search the web for anything to help ease the "migraine" that no amount of over the counter pain killers could. I stumbled across a page that gave diagrams of a head with highlighted areas of where the head is effected and my headaches seemed to be nothing like migraines but cluster headaches. So I started writting down whenever I have headaches and how long they last. My worst day yet (12am to 12pm) was a couple of weeks ago when I endured 11 headaches and 3 of them had me in tears and rather cranky. A different doctor told me it was probably migraines and prescribed me with maxalt wafers and sent me to get a CT scan as well as a MRI. The maxalt has proven to do nothing and I only had the CT scan done as I got a bit worked up with the MRI sad
I have another appointment with my original doctor in a week & I am not sure if I am going to make him mad because I don't feel like these headaches are migraines but cluster headaches. Has anyone else made a self diagnosis and then gone to their doctor who was happy you did a bit of problem solving?