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Posted in Thank you to all of you who recommended a Neurologist on 04 Aug, 2016 - 5:52 am

My son did heaps of research and found your page so I got a referral to Dr Joubert and he confirmed I had cluster headaches.

When I had my first one I rang an ambulance as my mother died of a brain haemorrhage. The hospital said it was stress!.

I'm only a recent sufferer so am in awe of all of you who have had years of this demon. I am struggling as I have many other health issues and this just seems like the icing on the cake for me. I had two trips to hospital as I had a real doozy which was like an out of body experience. While intellectually I know it doesn't make sense but I just wanted to run out on the road and get someone to help me. But I couldn't move anyway so obviously I didn't do it. It was the worst one I had and went for 40 minutes so my son rang an ambulance. By the time they arrived it had subsided but just as they were leaving I had another one so they took me to hospital. The hospital referred me to the eye and ear hospital because it was in my eye. Go figure.

Long story, got a referral to Dr Jourbert and he has put me on Lyrica, Verapamil and some steroids. I've only had one attack in the last week but expect that when the steroids run out they may start up again. But I'm grateful for the respite from the agony.

I've read so much of the forum and you are really wonderful people to support each other. Nearly everyone I've mentioned it too have all said they can't be as bad as migraines. I have no energy to argue and I will keep reading this forum to learn what I can.

I'm just taking it a day at a time as that is really all you can do.

One other quick question if I could. My dog is super sensitive and when I have one she cries and runs around the house with her teddy in her mouth. I'm in no position to help sooth her so wondered if anyone else has this issue.

Thank you all again. You truly were my saviours when I thought I was having some sort of brain malfunction.