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Posted in Neurologist in Newcastle or Sydney?? on 28 Dec, 2017 - 7:46 pm

Anybody know of a headache specialist in Perth WA .
I need a specialist to advise work .

Posted in Just started on 26 Dec, 2017 - 3:15 am

Hi All
I am nearly 65 and have never suffered from headaches before.
This July I had what I thought wasca raging toothache however this was not the case. I suffered for a month going backwards and forwards to the doctor and was eventually diagnosed with cluster headaches.
I my case I was vommiting several times a day with the pain lost 10kg in a month and was ready to kill myself with the pain .
My doctor got me on palexia verapamil panafcortelone image in and Gabapentin which broke the cycle .
I do still get the occasional twinge like an onset but up the medication to control this .
Can i ask if people continue to work with this as I have a very hands on position in corrections and am finding that the combination of medication is affecting my reaction and ability to do 12 hour shifts .
I also find the more tired I get the more I get of the headaches .
I am not sure what or were to go with this and nore is my GP .
Any advice welcome