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Posted in Moving from UK to SA - introducing myself on 19 Feb, 2018 - 9:26 pm

Hey Steve - thanks for the response.

Interestingly I travelled to the Southern Hemisphere from the Northern during December a few years back now - I stayed in the Southern Hemisphere for 6 months and didn't get any clusters at all during the Feb/March months.

I'm seeing a huge correlation between large downwards atmospheric pressure changes and clusters triggering. The UK has had terrible weather this winter with lots of high and low pressure changes - I'm seeing that Australia generally is much more stable so hoping for the best. We also get very short days during winter which I think when combined with the pressure changes trigger me, whereas the daylight hours don't change as much in Australia between summer and winter

I'm not convinced that moving to Australia will cure me, but certainly hoping that the clusters will be triggered less frequently when in season - will be an interesting experiment.

Posted in Moving from UK to SA - introducing myself on 22 Jan, 2018 - 12:58 am

Hello all, I'm Phil - I currently live in the UK, but hoping to move to SA by the end of the year.

I'm an episodic sufferer, I get attacks in October and March each year that last up to 6 weeks. If the weather is particularly bad during that time I can also get attacks in Nov, Dec and Jan. I find that if we get huge atmospheric pressure changes it triggers CH.

I was hoping that a side effect of moving to SA would be less CH - our winters in the UK see little daylight and quite severe weather patterns, but the very fact that this site exists, most probably means that I'm not going to escape.

Anyway - would love to speak to any fellow suffers living in SA to hear of your stories and treatments that work for you