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Posted in Untitled on 08 Jul, 2009 - 9:41 am

For the most part CH's wake you during sleep but they are rogues and can occur by day. My specialist used to say ' you wake and have a migraine but a CH wakes you'. Classical symptoms also include pain behind the eye‚ drooping eyelid‚ runny nostril (same side)‚ horrendous pain. They occur in clusters‚ usually repeatedly by night
almost like clockwork.

I have just recently discovered and joined this web-site having suffered from age 19. Now 71 and through self treatment have been free for almost eight years. See my post under Member History 8 July 09.


Posted in Untitled on 08 Jul, 2009 - 8:48 am

I am self treated after years of medical failure. Started CH's at age nineteen but they were only diagnosed at age 53. Now 71. In 2001 Over the years my neurologist prescribed ergotamine‚ lithium‚epilim and others to no avail. On occasions the side affects were most unpleasant.He injected the cranial nerve and the episode stopped for four days‚ then re-appeared on the other side.
I was offered another injection but declined .
At times i felt I was just part of a medical trial.
Thie illness has outsmarted medical science and treatments appear to be trial and error with no favoured treatment protocol.
My neurologist informed me that‚ unlike migraine‚ CH's do not disappear with age.
In 2001‚ I decided to examine the lifestyle factors that may have caused my CH's to intensify with age and embarked on self-treatment which has now been successful for almost eight years.

I ceased all alcohol intake. At the same time I started disprin daily to thin the blod and Inderal to dilate the blood vessels.I am wary about writing a premature obituary for this pernicious ailment. At times I miss having a cold beer and glass of wine but the mmemory of the CH pain makes it easy to say NO.

I understand the pain that you all endure becuause i auffered‚ at times horrendously‚ over 45 years.
My story tells what has worked for me for the past eight years.
I hope that it may help you.