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Posted in Fitness levels on 09 Jul, 2012 - 10:39 am

Hi Breakingpoint ,
I currently 31 and been in pretty good shape my whole life regularly go to the gym 6-7 times a week for 1-2 hours , I'm also very active outdoors etc . I have never smoked and not a regularly drinker only a special occasions or social now . When I was in my early 20s I did drink a bit more and tried a few party drugs but nothing too dangers and not regularly .
I have suffered CH from late teens only about 4-5 years ago find out about CH .
I cant honestly say that I have noticed a difference been fit has made to my CH . I recently began another cycle and had some shockers 8-9 for a hour a few times a day . However I have noticed that stress seems to affect them . If regular fitness lowers your stress level may help .
During the end of my last cycle I worked shift work in a very high stress job in aviation in operations . The job was very hectic and very stressful working full speed the entire shift . I was also in a very stressful marriage that wasnít working . About 2 years ago Marriage end and I left my job in aviation to find a more regular hour job .
I have been a lot less stress full since and was 2 years CH free , I have been doing a regular hour job now and the stress levels are a lot lower . I have recently had the CH return but they are not as regular and not as many a day as before . I still get an 8 in pain CH but not 4-5 times a day as before .

Posted in CH back again after about 2 years free on 04 Jul, 2012 - 11:56 am

Thanks for the info ,
I have also found aspirin hit and miss as well , If i get the CH early enough durring the shadow apsirin work to stop them coming on . If not as you said it does nothing and have to wait for the CH to go away . I was only going on what the GP said about aspirin and the blood thin properties for CH but the GP wasnt very well informed about CH .

I again had another 3 CH today ,

1200 am about a 6 in pain last 45 mins or so . Aspirin did little to help .

0400 am about a 7 to 8 in pain last 45 mins again very painful right eye ,sore neck , jaw and teeth running nose etc .

0630 woke up for work could feel a shadow of one and shadow last all the way the walk to work ,
0740 turned into about a 6 just before got to work purchased a redbull for the caffeine
745 after drinking the redbull turned into a 8-9 in pain couldnít sit still lucky no one else was in at yet pain was very intense but also short only last 15 mins ,
0805 - relief pain completely gone .

I have been to two different GPs in the past about them both have prescribed different medications , one was caffeine tablets and blood pressure tablets .
The second was really strong anti inflammatory tablets was a hit and miss with if they worked or not but also could make me feel very nauseas if I had not eaten much .

Both GPs new little about CH and one even got me to breath on oxygen when I visited him for 30 mins even though I wasnít currently having an attack , I tried to tell him thatís was only good during an attack .

I can see that the GPs in the Perth area have been updated since my last visit to this site , will try to make an appointment with one of them to try some different medication .

Posted in CH back again after about 2 years free on 02 Jul, 2012 - 2:45 pm

I have suffered from CH for about 16 years now and recently had 2 years free of them . Unfortunately they have returned again and pretty bad with a regular sort of timing . I have been getting at least 3 a day just about every day of the week sparing a day free here and there . At the moment Iím getting about 3 at night which wake me from deep sleep at regular times 1200am , 3am and 6 am , the HC lasting about 45 mins to an hour . I have also noticed that from them now get a really stiff neck probably from the pain and my muscles tensing . Not to mention the pain in the eye and right jaw and teeth .
I have tried several different types of medication from doctors etc none seem to be any good at stoping them or reducing the pain .
The best method I have found is when I feel a twinge of them coming on is to take two disprin to thin my blood and I also use a migraine stick which contains lavender and other oils which apply to the side of my temples and back of the neck gives a cooling effect and helps relax . I find if I get them early enough with this method it seems to stop them coming on , but if I donít it does little to stop them or reduce the pain .
Just wondering if there had been any new advancements since in treatments since I lasted visited this site .

Posted in LSD health benefits on 10 Nov, 2009 - 10:30 pm

Though some of you's might be intrested in this article

Looks like there doing some more reshearch on the postive effects of the drugs with dealing with various medical conditions including Cluster Headaches .
I have read on other Cluster Headache sites that LSD is ment to be the best treatment and can stop headaches in there tracks .
Lets hope they get some positve results from these studies that can help with these

Posted in Untitled on 13 Sep, 2009 - 12:16 pm

Hi Fifi ‚
I was in the same boat suffering from them for over 10 years undiagnosed . Just though or told they were headaches or migrians .

Has been a pretty bad year for me as well since about june as well . Have had a few day breks from them here and there a a week or more but they are still going on and had a blinder only yesterday at the shoping center .

I would also normally only get mine on the left hand side ‚ but this year after a in June after a the first couple of weeks they stopped for a week or more then they have started up on my left hand side now which seems to be a lot worse .

Was on Cafergot recently but didnt seem to help much hopefully helps with yours . Now am Indomethacin tablets ( whcih i used once so far and has helped) and Prednisolone tablets which Im yet to try .

Have found this site quite helpfull


Posted in Untitled on 08 Sep, 2009 - 12:52 pm

Just wondering if any one else has taken Prednisolne tablets and Indomethacian tablets . The Doctor has prescribe these to me this time to see how they go .

Posted in Untitled on 07 Sep, 2009 - 11:19 pm

Hi Sefwill ‚
I was in the same boat suffering CH from mid teens ‚ have all was though or been told they were just head aches or migraines wasnt until recently I found out they were CH . I felt relived to find this website hopefulyl you find some helpfull information here .

Posted in Untitled on 07 Sep, 2009 - 10:35 pm

Interesting post never though of Mushrooms theres a lot of information on them work for CH on the net though .

Posted in Untitled on 07 Sep, 2009 - 10:13 pm

Thanks Peter ‚
I think the Dealin was the brand name not to sure what the chemical name of it was but was used to lower blood pressure . Hasnt seemed to help however .

I found that the Cafergot worked for the very first time I took it stop a CH from coming on completly ‚ but didnt seem to work at all after that ‚ didnt seen to lessen the intensity or shorten the attatcks .

I Had no side affects from it as well ? mabye the dose of two tablets on the onset of pain wasnt enough for my body mass ?
going back to the doctors tomorrow to see what they would recommend I try next .

Posted in Untitled on 04 Sep, 2009 - 9:29 pm

Just wondering if any one else finds stress can trigger attatcks ? Been going through a fairly bad run for about 3 weeks or more having a couple attatcks each night and early mornings also had some really bad attacks durring the day lasting around 3 hours or more . The only thing that has changed recently is my work has become way
more stress full . Does any one else find that get depression symptoms durring long cluster periods ?

Posted in Untitled on 14 Jul, 2009 - 2:28 pm

I have recently be persribed Cafergot to take at the onset of a CH attatck and Deralin 10 to take 3 a day durring a Cluster period .
Just wondering if any one else has used any of them and if they worked or notfor them and any side affects ?

Posted in Untitled on 09 Jul, 2009 - 12:31 am

Hi ‚

I'm a new member and found this website today when I was doing some research on the net about why I seemed to keep getting this head aches

I'm a 28 year old fairly fit and healthy male and have been getting CH for about 10 years now . I didn't even really now about them until a few days ago and just though I was suffering Migraines or something worse like a brain tumor as I would all ways get the pain on the same side behind the eye and the normal pain killer would do nothing . However a friend recently told me about CH and after quickly reading the symptoms have found they matched mine word for word from ‚ getting them about the same time every year for a few weeks and then beaning pain free for a few months to a year ‚ the pain on the same side and behind the eye and on the side of the temple and sore neck and teeth . CH come on with no warning and lasting 15mins to a 90 mins etc . I went to the doctor once regarding them years ago and they told me that it was from just working in front of a computer too long at work and get my eyes tested and taking some over the counter pain killers if it gets too bad . Had my eyes tested and they were fine and shortly after that the head aches went away for about 8 months so never went back .

Over the last few years they have been getting worse and affecting me at nights more and causing problems at work ‚ I work for an airline in operations and had them come on with out warning in the hectic work place I would generally retreat to the toilets and sit down there clutching my eye rocking for 20 mins or so ‚ trying to wash my face to cool it down or taking pills which seemed to do nothing . People at work would often wonder why I couldn't work at times or even be bothered to talk to them during an attack they just though it was a head ache or Migraine and though i was would be making a big deal .

Its nice to finally know some answer to what I have been suffering from all these years and hopefully find some treatments that work