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Posted in Cluster Headaches on The Project Tomorrow Night on 15 Jul, 2014 - 8:14 pm

as a sufferer for 12 years now, every day ... indomethacin combined with nexium has kept me alive.. I don't care what type of headache you have , try it.
my diagnosis is chronic paroxysmal hemicrania. no cure UNDERSTAND THAT just relief

Posted in Untitled on 03 Feb, 2010 - 12:05 am

good day

i only signed up today‚ but i have had chronic paroxysmal hemicrania complicated by ramsay hunt syndrome ( chicken pox virus ‚ like bells palsy)for 5 years now . i have suffered every day ‚ prior to be diagnosed by DR Jacques Joubert at Epworth Hospital in Melb ‚ I was suicidal but 1 indocid ( indomethacin) tablet stopped the pain but it does not cure the problem.I suffer the palsy 24 hrs a day ( numbness around my eyes and cheeks ‚tinitus ‚droopy left eye ‚ everything is on my left side‚ constantly itching left nostril‚ my left teeth ache‚ my left eye doesnt work in time with my right eye‚ i can stick needles in the lhs of my face and dont feel it and I pass out if i clean my left ear. I have tried every drug imaginable over the last few years with indocid being the only one to work i.e stop the pain. Nothing else has done a single thing except maybe put me to sleep. When i am unmedicated i have between 20 and 30 attacks a day for a duration of between 1 minute to 20 minutes but 25mg indocid 3 times a day stops the pain unfortunately indocid WILL destroy my gastric system so i have that to look forward to . I have had injections in my brain and spinal cord all to no effect.
I am at a point now where i am resigned to the fact that i will have this the rest of my life but its better than some of the killers diseases or living in Haiti some i keep peddling along.