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Posted in Untitled on 18 Oct, 2010 - 5:26 pm

Irene, I always blur on the left side. My left eye weeps and the white of my eye goes fairly bloodshot. And you're right - this is worst in the big ones ... the ones I call 'crackerjack'.

Posted in Untitled on 18 Oct, 2010 - 5:21 pm

Coffee works for me while in an attack. A hot long shower on onset I have found does wonders in reducing the duration of the headache (as hot as you can stand helps as I swig down the aspro clear in the shower). Then back to bed with the best painkillers I can find and a cold face washer (knowing that I'll be back in the shower in another couple hours). Only ever got them at night but had two today during the day.??? I too had spine issues as an adolescent and my first lower back operation at 19 and two other ops last year at age 36.

This is my first cluster in two and a half years and it hits just after I went back to work after four weeks off with a bulging disc in my neck. I've been taking loads of drugs to sort out this problem and find it interesting that clusters appear as I wean off opiates.

I love a drink but uncannily have been off wine for about 6 months. Smoked socially in my 20's but not now. I do associate clusters with stress and neck tension .... I feel them lurking for up to a fortnight before they hit - if only there was a treatment that I could get into me while I feel this lurking?

I'm B+ blood group and female. When I was diagnosed my neurologist said that the ancients used to associated these headaches with men who had 'lionoid' faces ... I took that to mean like a really strong facial structure (like a lion's). I guess I do have a strong face - high forehead and broad nose. He also said that they are hereditary (and if they are they are deeply back in my tree - but mum does get migraines).

Anyway - if anyone out there has any new tricks for me please let me know. I'm out of sick leave at work and fear sleep at the moment.