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From: sydney
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Not currently suffering :D
Hi i am new to the site‚ i have had CH for about 10 years‚ its quite mild. I only just found this site i only just realised my case is mild. I found alot of great info and think its an excellent site but could not find any figures on one topic which is where my question comes in.
I have episodic ch generally having two week bouts about 12 months apart. Is the episodic freqency or bout length likely to change? Obviously i am worried about it getting more severe so are there any life changes i can make to try and prevent the frequecy increasing?
Obviously smoking and drinking habits are the first to change‚ but anything else?

Sorry about the length‚ i just got all this info and i guess its a bit scary.
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From: Burpengary
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Not currently suffering :D
Yes‚ cycles can change. They can be chronic for a long time‚ and then stop and only come once a year‚ or vice versa. Seeing as there are no definite triggers (what triggers them for one person might not trigger it for anyone else) it's difficult to say what changes to make to avoid them becoming worse. Obviously you'll want to avoid things which trigger them for you‚ but there's still no guarantee that they won't get worse. Or better.
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