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From: Underwood
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Not currently suffering :D
Hello and hope everyone has a Happy New Year.
I need your help please!
I have a terminal cancer‚ and recently my wife of 15 years left me and took my 12 yo Son.
Depression set in‚ and this is not the first time I had depression. I used to become depressed with the CH.
As most of you will know‚ SRI (serotine reuptake inhibitors) are used in depression medication.
This can bring on the CH as I experienced a few years ago when first advised I was terminally ill.
Has anyone else suffered depression and has anyone used a drug for depression called EDRONAX (REBOXETINE) without causing a bout of CH?
Please anyone who has any experience let me know as I am desperate.
Thanking you in advance.
Season Greetings
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Not currently suffering :D
Hi Leigh‚ wow‚ you're really in the wars. Hey‚ I would suggest you need to be REALLY closely monitored by a professional in this situation.
We can be here for you‚ but I would think that's probably not sufficient for you right now‚ especially if you don't know how you'll react to new meds.
Please try and get professional help.
Best Wishes to you and your loved ones too‚ Leigh.
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