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From: perth
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Not currently suffering :D
I am 36 and have been quiet unwell on and off for about 3 years now. I have been hammered with so many test all coming up negative. My Doc sent me to sports medicine specialist as I have been having chronic pain in my neck and shoulders along with really bad headaches and vomiting. This specialist I saw did a quick exam and diagnosed cluster headaches‚ didnt explain anything about them to me and basically wrote a script and said here take this.
Headaches continued and shoulder and nack pain got worse‚ Doc then sent to physio and she tried acupuncture which gives about 2 hours relief and then headaches‚ vomiting and pain in shoulders neck return with vengence.
Do I really have cluster headaches or is it something else‚ I have other problems that I am suffering from life hirtisum‚ and PCOS.
Everything I have read states its men who suffer from this and rarely women.
I have always found the change in seasons difficult and find that physically and my moods change dramatically during these times.
Has anyone got any suggestions‚ I would be greatful. And if anyone knows of a specialist in WA that specialises in these headaches that my Doc could refer me to.
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From: Burpengary
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Not currently suffering :D
Just because it's rarer in women than in men‚ doesn't mean you don't have CH.

Try the cluster quiz on the left here‚ that will give you some indication. We can't diagnose you‚ as we are not doctors and we're not seeing you in person‚ but by doing your research you should be able to determine whether or not you have CH.
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Barry T Coles

From: Karratha
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Not currently suffering :D
Hi Loula

Try this link:

Professor Gubbay is my Nuro & is well versed in CH.

Good Luck
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