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From: Sydney
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Not currently suffering :D
Hello! I have a quick question about temple pain - I'm still working out whether what I have is likely to be a cluster headache (yes I've taken the quiz! heh).

I find that in addition to my intermittent stabby temple pain‚ I also have a tenderness around the temple where the pain is (the right one) - if I rub or poke it it feels like muscle tenderness. Does anyone else have this? Is this likely to mean anything in the diagnosis of cluster headaches?
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zara chappell

From: South Morang
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Not currently suffering :D
Hi‚ i have been having CH's for 12 years - and yes temple pain is associated with CH's - so is the feeling that your neck is out all the time and head feels hot in certain areas‚ around the neck and at the top of the fontale area/head
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