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From: Norwich
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Currently suffering :(
In my Cluster Headache cycle i took Red Bull on thursday and passed but yesterday dont passed.Why?Is not dangerous to take red bull?How can i be sure that i do not have a brain tumor?
And its true that a lot of men thats suffers from Cluster Headache die young?
Sorry for the lot of questions but im very worried
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Currently suffering :(
Dear Norwich
I have not read of any deaths caused by our disease of Cluster Headaches. There is no structural reasons for Cluster Headaches to cause death--but I am not a medical person and this is my thoughts only. Do not be confused by the terms suicide headache--this is because of the pain of the headache has caused some people to contemplate suicide.
Red Bull drinks are full of caffeine which indeed can give you quite a hit.
Please Norwich you must go and see a Doctor and get a full check up and diagnosis and ensure that you do not have any underlying condition than is causing you any other problems. You sound very worried and this OK to be feel like that. The only way you can be sure you is to see the experts. If you are not happy with what you are first told go and see another doctor. You must feel satisfied with what you are told. This is called seeking a second opinion.
Please come back and tell us what you have found out.
Our thoughts are with you.
Best wishes
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