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Will it get worse?

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Currently suffering :(
Hi there,

I havent been diagnosed but I am pretty sure I am getting CH as my syptoms are very similar to what i have been reading. I have had them for around 10 years but the biggest difference is that my CH last for around 10sec... (i guess that makes me one of the lucky ones?) it hits me in the left side of my face like a hammer. Only really happens during the daytime.
I get them at the change of the Dry season to Wet season (Northern Territory)

No one ive ever met has even heard of a cluster headache and my condition regularly hits me while im talking to someone... I just stop talking clench my jaw and grab my left side of my face.... then it passes and i keep going... I couldnt imagine having to endure more that 10 sec... It must be a horrible experience.

What I was wondering is if any sufferers out there has ever had CH is short bursts (10 sec) but eventually got worse throughout there life?
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From: Northcote, Melbourne
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Not currently suffering :D
Hi ryan,

everyone has different types of cluster headaches and the best person to speak to regarding a diagnosis is a medical professional.

The attacks i have usually occur twice a day from 40min to 2 hours. but i do remember a few times during a cycle where i have had just a short burst of of a cluster. not 10sec but more like maybe 2mins.

Sorry to hear your in pain and hope you find the answer your after. there are many helpful people on this site with more knowledge of the condition who may be able to answer your question.

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Currently suffering :(
Hi Ryan
Great to have you "take part" in world. Dan has given you the right info. Take yourself off and get the right diagnosis. We do come in strange variations!
Facial pain from whatever source and wherever is a shocker. You only have to recall the pain of a tooth ache. A neuralgia if you look it up is usually see simply defined as any sort of intense burning or stabbing pain caused by irritation of or damage to a nerve. The pain is usually brief but can be severe and is is referred to shooting along the course of the affected nerve. Ask anyone with sciatica!
So Ryan go get checked out--whether it is CHs or another form of neuralgia, you certainly need some guidance cos as you say you certainly dont want them to get any worse.
Cheers Heather
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From: Kelso Townsville
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Currently suffering :(
Hi All,
A few years ago i suffered from CH , i went and seen a specialist and had multiple scans and tests to find a cause but there was no answers for me. After a few months of suffering, the CH disappeared only to have come back in the last few weeks after all this time.
This time around they seem more frequent and painful, sometimes up to 3 a day/night, and most of them wake me during a nights sleep with severe pain behind my left eye . Lasting anywhere from 20 mins to 2hrs.
In the past i had some success taking cafegot tabs at the first sigh of a CH coming on, and also tried imigran tabs and nasal sprays.
I seen a gp yesterday who put me on months supply of Veracaps SR 240mg which are normally used for lowering blood pressure, Although mine is normal. Which made me a little hesitant to use them.
Has anyone used this before ?
He also gave me a script for cafegot tabs but i was told by the pharmacist they have been discontinued ?.
I went to see another GP today and they have given me a course of 50mg imigran tabs to try and told me not to take the Veracaps .

Cheers Loagz
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Silent Planet

From: Freshwater
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Currently suffering :(

As far as i am aware there are no bad interaction with the Veracaps and Imigran. Veracaps are used quite frequantle for the treatment of CH, can i ask why you have seen 2 different Dr's and now getting 2 different outcomes. You need to try and stick with the same Dr so not to get overdosed on pills as they all dont know what you are on. As heather read up on all the information on the left hand side, print it out and take it to the Dr, ask about trying the O2 treatment there is plenty of info on the side about that. Any questions you might have Barry is the man to ask.

Get your Dr to call and make an appointment for you with a Neuro or to a Pain Clinic you will find that you may get in quicker than if you did it yourself. And please remember that we are not MEDICO'S see the disclaimer below, this is just advise on might or might not have worked on us.

Silent Planet
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