Hi to all,
Just wondering if anyone has tried this. I acidentally ate a seriously hot chilli when my head was feeling like I was about to have an attack (It was in some food I bought).
My head lit up like a match, it was really hot. About 20 minutes later after profuse sweating and much water my head felt kind of clearer. I may have dodged an attack by aborting it with the chili. Don't know what merit this has, if any. But I thought it might be an idea.

I have checked out the MSDS materials data on this stuff, for CH efficacy either we will be shooting something up our noses that is so strong it should remain purely a class of weapon, or maybe not.
The other "commercial" variety doesn't get good raves on the other CH boards from a glance, it may be too weak to achieve anything.
Anyone had any experiences with it?



I don't think I could handle this mid CH attack...

Cheers, Ben.
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