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Iv be going very good almost 2 days with out a CH. Last night we had sausages, gravy and chips. About 3 hour later I got the biggest CH and not one of my tricks would stop it. The same thing happened about a week ago with the same food. Im thinking it might have some thing to do with the fat.
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Currently suffering :(
Hi Les,

E249, E250 - Nitrates mate. Found in processed and preserved meat products like suasages, mettwurst, fritz etc. We could use Nitrates in Pain management Unit to trigger a CH in me. Nitrates act as a vasodilator. Vasodilation is the enemy, this is the beginning of CH attack.
I plan to use a heart drug (A nitrate called Anginen or Arginen?, I forget the name, it's for Angina and acts as a Vasodilator) it will bring on a CH apparently in order to trigger my CH so I can test the efficacy of my electrical nerve stimulator implant when I eventually get to trial the thing...
Of course Vasodilation is the enemy, so steering clear of nitrates is the way to go if you have identified it as a trigger. It is probably a good idea for you to identify all the codes (EG: 220 preservative etc) that are in foods you eat that set your CH off.

If you identify that they are triggers and slowly change lifestyle patterns to correct the situation (e.g; no more sausages, unless you get fresh steak ones (no preservatives or additives) from the butcher like I do!) I have to steer clear of flavour enhancers (E621, E635) found in chicken crimpy biscuits or arnotts shapes, if I am in a bout, it does me no good. I have no idea why.
There is some debate about fat and CH, but I doubt this is the problem in this case.
Also gravy, if it is Gravox or similar, the thickening agent or other ingredients and additives may be something to avoid. I recommend making gravy with the pan juices, a bit of flour or maybe cornflour to thicken it up, I avoid Gravox with it's thickening agents.
Going back to less processed foods is the way to go. I have not had much success here, I am overweight and after 60+ drug trials, pretty hammered by it all. I can barely think what to eat next cause I have a Prednisolone induced stomach ulcer right now.
This isn't really my area, many others know far more than I about diet, food additives and CH. But having a look at food additives is probably a good idea in your case mate.

From a wiki article:

Known triggers

Cluster headache patients report the following suspected triggers:

Alcohol, especially red wine and wheat beer (contains histamin)
Monosodium glutamate aka MSG which is a flavour enhancer found in almost any industrially processed food (glutamic acid). In natural form to be found in cheese and tomatoes. Chinese food and other Asian dishes are commonly seasoned with glutamic acid, as are canned soups.
Potassium nitrate (E249) and Sodium nitrate (E250), mainly found in sausages and other processed meat.

Here is a starting point for research anyway..

Cheers, Ben.
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