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From: Brisbane
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Not currently suffering :D
Hi all‚
Yesterday at the Dr's I was told she felt I was getting Cluster migraine (which I presume to be cluster headache). I have been a migraine sufferer for many years since adolescence‚ sometimes a few in a week‚ sometimes months without and the occasional humdinger- including being rushed for scans in the middle of the night as I was presenting like i was having a bleed. Now even though I am only nearly 42‚ it appears I have entered menopause. Since January‚ I have been getting episodes of what I thought was dry eye associated with menopause‚ my doctor could only go on what I was telling her until yesterday when she saw me in the midst of what I had thought was dry eye episode. This is what happens.

It always begins through the night when I am "grabbed" out of sleep by an excruciating pain across the surface of my eye- it feels like the front of my eye is being peeled off- this is only ever in one eye‚ the left one. My eye looks red raw‚ my eyelid swells and droops and my eye just about spits water- my nose also stuffs up on that side. I have a fairly high pain threshold‚ but I could yell out with the suddenness of this. It sometimes will settle within 15 minutes‚ other times longer and it may happen another 2 times through the night. If it happens as I am waking up in the morning- it takes much longer to go away‚ will weep and sting for hours and i find it difficult to concentrate on anything. Even when the severe sting settles‚ I am left sensitive on that side and very drained. Sometimes it happens every night‚ sometimes I make it through the night only to have it flare as I wake and sometimes I have no episodes for a few nights at all. I have no pain in my head‚ temple‚ neck except for stiffness which i attribute to getting older) and sometimes aching over my left top sinus after a particularly bad eye attack. Until yesterday i hadn't taken anything as I hadn't thought of it as yet another form of migraine. I was prescribed Indocid which took the edge of the eye pain yesterday (I was in a longer episode) This morning I tried one of my Imigran nasal sprays which I have for migraine (my Dr had suggested this) and I had pretty good relief within 15 minutes. My eye looks clear‚ isn't weepy‚ my nose isn't running but i still feel as though it is sitting there.

I know you guys can't diagnose‚ but is this reminiscent of cluster headache at all? could menopause have triggered them? I had been on sandomigran since January which I am stopping now- could that have contributed? I did enjoy the decrease in migraine while I took them‚ but haven't enjoyed the weight gain!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I have a referral to a neuro and will make an appointment tomorrow‚ don't know what kind of wait there will be though.

Thanks in advance
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From: Rosanna
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Not currently suffering :D
Looks to me from your description like you're a good fit for cluster headaches. Have you read the full medical description on this site? (There's a link on the left hand side).
Before you see the neuro I would take with you some printouts of the symptoms of Cluster headaches. I know from experience‚ due to it's rarity‚ CH's are often overlooked for a more common ailment. Having some 'ammo' to take with you will help point the Neuro in the right direction.

I always know when I'm in a cycle of CHs as I'll do a daring test and have a drink of alcohol! This always triggers and episode within ten minutes for me.
At the moment I'm in a cycle but it's very mild - most unusual for me as it's usually all or nothing. I had a beer a week ago and I got some discomforting shadows - not a full hit. Test positive.

I'll use oxygen to get rid of a CH once I'm in cycle - there's some good information on O2 treatment on this site too. I rent a cylinder and valve from BOC rather than buy one.
I've tried immigran but it does nothing for me. Each person if different though. For some‚ oxgyen doesn't work. Same with preventative medications - it's all down to trialling these with your neuro.

Hope you get through this soon.
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Currently suffering :(
Hi Gina
Seems as though you fit the bill in lots of ways.
certainly the menopause bit appears to be a link for some ladies.
I have not tried imigran spray but use imigran tablets. I am not aware of side effects from sandomigran.
I have been told that there are some "bounce back" effects from some medication ie Zomig‚ but no one told me this until too late!

I think one of the key "things" is to present to your Dr with a clear picture of what you are going through‚ when‚ how often‚ intensity‚ what you took for relief‚ what relief you got.
Let us know how you get on. Take full advantage of all the information on this site; plus the US one.
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