The longest and most intense trigger for me is when i get a virus,the onset of the new virus is the worst..Now my kids are 6 and 4 they are constantly exposed and bringing home new viruses each week and as a result i have been in a constant state of cluster for over 2-3 has been so difficult to keep it all afloat,force 8-9 clusters, run the business, up at 5.30 regardless..and keeping a check on myself and my reactions to people while i have a screw hanging out of my eye.My employee needs a medal for dealing with me..My wife is just wonderful , the unconditional love she gives me.
I unfortunately was dealt the herpes simplex virus(genital) when i was about 18.and seldom get a dose ma-bey once every 6-8 months..but about 3 weeks ago got a bout of herpes which is a serious virus.....this left me with force 9 cluster for 7 days without a break..many times i went to st Vincent's at 2 am for oxygen.. but finally accepted it doesn't work for me.. thought it did the first few times..but only as my virus subsided did the cluster subside..
I was diagnosed as a chronic sufferer.. years ago now ..and have tried most concoctions ,potions and ideas to no avail today.. basically i get 2-3 headaches per week that can last 12-15 hrs at a time..this my regular.. triggers can be weather changes,too much sun,too pysically overtired,perfumes and many others or just for no apparent reason.. but the worst is when i come down with the nearest virus
My teeth will go numb,and the screw starts in the back of my right eye and this is a tell tale sign there is no return into a my private headache hell..Its wearing me down now..
Thanks for letting me share and inspiring reading your stories
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