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Electric shock therapy

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From: Warner
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Currently suffering :(
Having suffered from cluster headaches for 40 years I have investigated every avenue I could think of to relieve me of this agonising pain. At the age of 10 years old I suffered a massive electric shock and shouldn't be alive today because of it. Fortunately for me I was wearing rubber soled shoes at the time and that saved my life. Shortly after this accident I started to suffer from Severe debilitating headaches. I have always wondered if there is any correlation between severe electric shock and cluster headaches ie nerve damage. Is there anyone else out there with a similar story as I have suggested to my GP that I want to try electric shock therapy in the hope that it might reverse the problem. Thank you for taking the time to read my plight and please respond if you can relate to this message.
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From: Wollongong
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Currently suffering :(
When I was about five years old I had a "Night Light" that plugged into the power point. I was playing with it upstairs in my bedroom on my own and pulled it apart with a screw driver to see how it worked. I completely dismantled it and had the two mettle prongs that go into the powerpoint in each of my hand. I wanted to see if the light would work outside of its casing so I pressed the two metal prongs into the powerpoint and bang!

I still remember the shock to this day, it is so vivid in my mind. I was so scared that I ran downstairs to where my Mum and Dad were watching television and told them that I just electrocuted myself, my Mum decided this was a good idea to teach me about English and told me that the correct phrase was that I had experienced an electric "shock" because "electrocuted" would mean you were dead. I still do not think either of them had any idea just how close their 5 year old son had been to killing himself. I think in hindsight they must have thought I had got a static shock.

So to answer your question yes, I experienced a huge electric shock when I was young.
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