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Who will prescribe oxygen in Melbourne?

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Currently suffering :(
Hi all,

Does anyone know a GP or a neurologist (without a 3 month wait) who will prescribe oxygen in Melbourne?

My local GP won't prescribe it, and after trying 3 neurologists the best I can hope for is a 3 month wait. By which time (fingers crossed) I may even be through this cluster. I need something, anything, soon!!
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From: Petersham
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Currently suffering :(

I have found that they do not need to prescribe it. If you are prepared to pay for it yourself. I would suggest contacting BOC .gases.

Home Care and Aged Care

Phone us Fax us Email us
1800 050 999 1800 624 149

They will provide you with a form for your doctor to fill in, setup an account and away you go.

It is not as expensive as I thought, though depends on how much you are using.. They do next day delivery and have been extremely helpful.
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