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D3 or prescription meds ?

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From: west wallsend
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Currently suffering :(
it has been a long time since my last full cluster.

I had a couple of low rate headaches over the last couple of weeks which i brushed off. From friday night they have been ramping up with a broken night of sleep last night to an 8 this morning which I could no longer ignore.

Snorted an old imigran nasal & downed a can of mother this morning. Then ran off to a weekend after hours surgery this morning and got some fresh immigran nasal scripts. Have been sucking back mother all day whenever the twinge came back.

Tomorrow I'm off to BOC for O2 to get me through the public holidays and hopefully can get into my own GP to script up for my neuro's action plan, which i think was high rate prednisone tapered off until the Verapimal & lithium kick in.

Chasing some more info on B3.
Read the thread at
. but I dont get a clear idea of what products and dosages

Its a bad time of year to hold off on my prescription regiment, but I'm hoping to give the B3 a try as the prescription meds, particularly the verapimal and lithium KO my IBS

If any one has used B3 with success, could you provide a guide to Australian shelf brands and I go be a bit clearer on what is involved.

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From: Central Coast
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Currently suffering :(
Hi Steve,

I am wondering how you got on? Did you start the D3 regime?

I am about to start tomorrow.. Unfortunately for me the Verapamil, Topomax and Prednisone I have been taking are just not working. I am episodic normally but this cycle has come out of whack and it is the worst one yet!!

I just took a punt and picked some shelf brands based on the dosages as described in the link above. I am hoping that I have done the right thing. Fingers crossed that it has some effect.

I hope you are having some success with whatever preventatives you have used smile

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Not currently suffering :D
Hi Tanya,

How did you go?

I've been reading that you shouldn't be taking high doses of D3 with Verapamil, unsure how they interact though.

I really want to try the D3 therapy however currently taking Vera so a little concerned
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Not currently suffering :D
In adults, it may cause a condition called osteomalacia, in which calcium is lost from bones so that they become weak. Your doctor may treat these problems by prescribing vitamin D for you. Vitamin D is also sometimes used to treat other diseases in which calcium is not used properly by the body.
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