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From: yarram
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Not currently suffering :D
evening all‚ l am a new member here but l am not a ch sufferer. my partner suffers from this terrible disease. l was wondering if anyone knows why cafergot has been discontinued? Any idea what sort of medication available that will have the same results? has anyone had any success with oxygen? please be patient with me and my many questions but l am trying to understand this disease as best l can. kind regards to allicon
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Currently suffering :(
Hi Masta
Welcome to the site. First of all work through all the information on the site. The Full Medical Info on the left would have to be the most helpful--just read through slowly and absorb the information. With regard to oxygen‚ many find this very helpful as did I in the early days and certainly in the early stages of headaches. I am afraid I have gone into the chronic stages and it doesn't help me all that much but dont use that as a negative. Here in SA all that is needed is a note from a Dr saying that medical oxygen is needed and a cylinder can be hired from a "gas suppliers" and a regulator from medical suppliers. I had no problems with this at all; your GP should be able to help. Not cheap but worth it if works for you. Re cafergot‚ I think there is something on this site about it; perhaps have a wander through some of the postings--this will give you the added bonus of getting a greater understanding of what some of the other treatments are. The greatest support you can give your partner is having a good understanding of what he/she suffers and how you can help during an attack. Remember we are here even if it to blow off steam.
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