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Methysergide availability

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From: cowes
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Currently suffering :(
Hi Im wondering if Methysergide is available anywhere in Australia as my partners GP wants to trial her on that but not for ever ,only to see if its works , I did go to the chemist and they cannot get it.
can anyone help ?
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From: Ballarat
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Not currently suffering :D
Sorry, but I don't think Methysergide (also known as Deseril) is available anymore. I used to take Methysergide and found it very effective for clusters so was very concerned when I found out it was no longer being made.
Methysergide, also known as Deseril, stopped being available early 2014 due to concerns over side effects such as retroperitoneal fibrosis.
I went back to my GP and we had to develop an alternative strategy for the CH's, which involved a different treatment based on Verapamil instead. This is working well for me and I am glad not to be taking the Deseril anymore.
Unfortunately, Methysergide is still listed as a treatment on many headache websites (even including Headaches Australia - I did try and contact them to let them know but have not had a response).
So, looks like you need to head back to your GP and look for an alternative treatment. Persevere. it's really worth it not to have the CH's
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From: Southport
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Currently suffering :(

I notice that the most recent posts regarding Deseril date back to 2015. Three years on, does anyone have any further info? I know that many sufferers were trying desperately to get it back on the marker, either via compounding chemists or lobbying drug companies. In 2014 I had no success with compounding chemists (who couldn't buy methysergide) or even trying even to obtain methysergide myself from online sites (that may or may not have been legitimate.). I was, and remain, quite desperate - hoping over the years that someone might bring this med back. I don't care if I get fibrosis of the lungs or renal track. If I die 20 years early, but the years I've had have been quality years with reduced pain, it is a price I am willing to pay.

So does anybody out there have an update on the Deseril situation?

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