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Nose bleed.

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From: Balmoral
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Not currently suffering :D
After 28 years of CH this is the first time that I have had a nose bleed. I suppose my blood pressure goes through the roof during an attack and this might be the cause. Also about two years ago just after one of my worst headaches I noticed that my left eye was blurry so I went to an eye specialist and was diagnosed with a BRVO ( Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion ) which means I have a blood clot in my eye. The eye specialist doesn't seem to think that this was caused by my CH but the timing seems pretty coincidental. He said it was a blood pressure problem. With the pain so intense I think it was the cause. I now have to endure injections in my eye of a drug called Avastin which was developed to combat Bowel Cancer. It tells the body not to produce new blood vessels and therefore restricts the blood flow to the cancers/tumours and restricts their growth. Injected in the eye it stops the eye from bleeding into itself. My eye is getting more stable and I hope to not have these injections soon. I am due for another tomorrow I think this is injection number 20 and I think my eye has deteriorated because of this cluster. I suppose all will be revealed tomorrow as this is my first cluster since the occlusion. Has anyone else had either of these things happen to them?
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From: Behshahr
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Not currently suffering :D
Hello curly
I have similar problem with my nose .my right side nose hole is always blocked .did you have this problem ?
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