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New and without medical support

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From: Perth
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Currently suffering :(
Firstly, thank you for all the great info. I am a sufferer but it hasn't occurred to doctors that I may need help. Clusters and migraines are my life. I know my triggers, lived a healthy life but the genes and environment have stopped me from shaking this insideous condition.

It seems hard to convince doctors that the cluster headaches are real. I do get migraine too at alarming rates. My physio first suggested getting help for the clusters. I already take imigran but considered the oxygen treatment to be a welcolme relief - except the neurologist didn't want to talk about it, meaning clusters, at all.

Can gp's order oxygen treatment? I seem to be getting the run around from the medical people.
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Peter Yarrow

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Not currently suffering :D
If you're getting no help with abortives, and I do understand, try the D3 regimen.

If you join there and talk to member "Batch" or read his posts, you'll see how well CH sufferers are progressing with this avenue.
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