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More than Clusters?

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From: Derby
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Currently suffering :(
I am an episodic cluster sufferer for 8 years. I get them every 2 years for a few weeks so have had 4 episodes so far. My last was about 8 months ago -
the pain is very severe. Only the right side of my head is affected.

More recently, most of this year I have had a constant pressure on the same side I get the clusters. It doesn’t hurt, I’m just aware it’s there. Sometimes I get stabbing pains in the same spot which don’t last long. I have also experienced pins and needles or tingling either in or on my head same area. A couple of weeks ago, the vision in my left eye went blurry for about half an hour, sometimes I get the floating lights in both eyes but never accompanied with a headache. Am seeing a dr tomorrow, does it sound like migraine? I would like a scan to put my mind at ease. Anyone had similar symptoms?This post was edited on 23/05/2018 at 1:01 pm
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Peter Yarrow

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Not currently suffering :D
You can get a free MRI under Medicare with GP referral now (I've just had one). Head pain you describe is exactly what a GP needs to hear to request an MRI of the brain. Might be worth checking out.
I had tingling skin, vertigo symptoms so they checked me out, all clear for me!
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