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From: Victoria Park
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Currently suffering :(
Hi all,

first up i have no financial interest in Supagas.

i and others have posted about how helpful Kay Temby has been
in helping to get access to oxygen..

i would like to praise my local Supagas branch (Weslhpool, in Perth)..

i noticed my invoice was much less than i expected.. apparently, i
had mentioned i was on a pension and they discounted the cost without me even asking.

when this bout started, i rang Peter at my local branch,, they offer a next day delivery.
Peter is cluster headache aware, and he personally delivered the oxygen to me
within two hours.

he asked if i got a government subsidy on the cost of the oxygen,
i don't. then immediately reduce the cost even further.

honestly i can't say enough good things about how helpful they
have been.

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From: Woodgate
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Currently suffering :(
Thanks Kim,
I use oxygen and was never coached on how it is administered. Did you have training on how to take your oxygen? What litres per minute do you take? I have a revised method ready for my next onset.
Regards Col
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