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New and need your help please !

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From: Mt Barker
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Currently suffering :(
I'm a 50 year old female living in South Australia.
Six weeks ago I started with some of the classic symptoms of CH (not that I knew what it was).
After visiting local ED and doctors umpteen times in four weeks no meds were working due to the diagnosis being a virus causing vertigo, nausea and migraines.
Then I went to the RAH ED and from there four days in was diagnosed with CH through a Neurologist.
Currently being treated with Prednisolone for 14 days (10 days in), Imigran injection when needed, and stemetil if needed.
What I am finding is that I have an overall quite bad headache from temple to temple over the top of my head continuously. Nurofen and/or paracetamol does not lift it. No does a cold compress to the back of the neck or forehead as directed by doctor.
Does anyone has any helpful info for me. I'm back to the doctors tomorrow so will ask again then, Nurologist follow up not until May.
Thanks for your time.
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From: Victoria Park
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Not currently suffering :D
i am not a doctor, but your symptoms don't seems to fit
classical cluster headache.

all i can suggest is to inform yourself as much as possible
about cluster headache and discuss with your doctor.

a definitive diagnosis is essential for the correct treatment of your condition.

regards kim.
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