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Can anyone recommend a good Dr?

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From: Tallong
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Currently suffering :(
I live 30 mins from Goulburn. 90mins from Canberra. 90 mins to Campbelltown and 120 to Sydney.
My neurologist retired. I found out when I rang for an emergency appt. I was hoping for a referral to imaging clinic for needle to C2 with CT scan.
3 hour drive and have to back tomorrow afternoon.
Dr Andrews was on Canberra he was great and would see me and help. New Dr was far too busy to ever see anyone I an emergency. He did eventually see me briefly
But too late to get treatment
Can anyone recommend a Dr within 2 hours drive who will see me in an emergency and is aware of CH.?
Attacks are every 2 hours but last only 15 mins. It's a long 15 mins, but too short for oxygen to work. That's why need the needle in the head.
God. It's been a long day. It's gonna be a long night. Another rotter tomorrow. Then it usually takes another 24 hours to stop the pain. I do know lots of you would kill to have such short attacks.
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Currently suffering :(
Unsure if he can do emergencies but Dr Neil Griffiths in Liverpool is a CH aware neurologist who might be able to help?
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