This may sound like a silly question but I thought u's would be the best ppl to ask.
My 1st Neuro diagnosed me as suffering with Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalgia & also said Cluster Headaches. He described it to me as being in the Primary Headache family. The 1st thing he said to me when he diagnosed it was that it is extremely hard to treat. He then sent me to a Headache Specialist at St. George Hospital & he agreed that's what it sounded like.
After that Neuro gave up on me and "Exhausted his options" as he put it I am now seeing another local Neuro who said he doesn't think it is that but a "Complicated Migraine" icon
So far the only medication to take any effect to my pains are Neurontin + Catapres and that has only been recent.

So the questions that are on my mind are:

What is the difference between Cluster Headaches & Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalgia?
Are they related & similar in someway?
Is there a chance I could have both or only one or the other?

And if there is any doctors out there:-
If these 2xMeds have made a difference in my pains at times where I never had a break at all b4‚ would that lead me down the CH path or the TACs path?

I have asked these questions to my docs but they just seem to shut me down and say "It isn't a migraine" "It is a migraine" "It is TACs" "It isn't TACs" "It is CH" "Females your age don't get CH"
LoL So many different things. I'm really confused.

I personally don't feel I have or get migraines.
My aunty suffers from Migraines + when she asked me to describe what I get she said it is nothing like she suffers from + doesn't sound anything like a migraine.
I seem to get all the same symptoms as a chronic case of CH & TACs although I now have some other weird + unexplainable symptoms that have only come in the last 9 or so months of having these head pains.
With these symptoms and my own opinions I think there is a connection with the nerve endings + possibly blood flow...??

I'm really sorry this is so long + I know they might be silly questions but I thought someone might be able to explain it better to me.

Thanx in advance‚
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