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Unusual changes with CH.

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Currently suffering :(
Hey all.

I've been an episodic sufferer for 10 years now, currently 30 turning 31 in a few months. For the last 10 years my CH has been like clockwork. Generally around the changes of season, 4-10 week bouts, every day, easing into every second, third etc until bout is over. Triggered by alcohol when in season, generally hitting after 1.5 hours of sleep etc.
Whilst they were brutal at least the bastards were consistent.

However, in the last 6 months, they've evolved. My regular seasonal bout for spring started as usual, but only lasted a week. After a week pain free, I cautiously had a drink (this is my test to see if the bout is over, whilst I sit next to the oxygen waiting to abort if required) to discover being pain free. But now, they are random. I'll get one every other week, seemingly out of the blue. Waking headaches are almost non-existent. Alcohol rarely triggers them. This has been consistent for the last 6 months.

Whilst this is arguably easier to deal with, and they are far less painful than my regular episodic bouts, I am concerned. I have an appointment lined up with my GP and Neuro to consult, but has anyone else experienced something like this?

I have concerns maybe I've been experiencing something that isn't CH recently, or at all for the last decade even though I'm diagnosed and every symptom has fit the bill until recently.

Thanks for anyone who replies. Cheers.This post was edited on 06/04/2021 at 9:04 pm
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Not currently suffering :D
no advice, but i think you are 100% doing the right thing
by arranging GP and Neuro appointments.

best to leave diagnosis to the experts.

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