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This page is here to provide you with a growing list of medical practitioners recommended by current sufferers. These GPs and specialists are ones who are well informed about Cluster Headaches, and are up to date with current treatments. They understand the depth of pain associated with them, and members have found them to be very understanding and willing to listen.

There are people who would welcome a chat with you if you are considering harming yourself as a way to escape the pain. Please contact them.

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New South Wales & A.C.T

dr Andrews

02 62824807
161 strickland cres
Deakin, act

Dr Thinus Janse van Rensburg

02 6259 7216
Tilyard Medical Centre Tilyard Drive
Charnwood, act

member comment:
Dr Thinus diagnosed my CH without a shadow of a doubt when he heard the symptoms and prescribed IMMIGRAM tablets, to which I have responded to.

Dr Yash Gawarikar

Calvary Hospital (Belconnen)
Canberra, act

member comment:
Dr Gawarikar is a neurologist operating specialist clinic out of Calvary Hospital. I needed a referral from my GP and it took a little while to get in - BUT - he is familiar with CH and first line drug treatments, and is willing to note O2 as a therapy. I was impressed to find someone after years of not getting much help.