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This page is here to provide you with a growing list of medical practitioners recommended by current sufferers. These GPs and specialists are ones who are well informed about Cluster Headaches, and are up to date with current treatments. They understand the depth of pain associated with them, and members have found them to be very understanding and willing to listen.

There are people who would welcome a chat with you if you are considering harming yourself as a way to escape the pain. Please contact them.

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Dr Walsh

07 38474366
Greenslopes hospital
Brisbane, qld

member comment:
Dr Walsh is a neurologist who suffers from ch so he knows what you are going through first hand. It might take a few months to get to see him though.

Alpha Physio

07 32793871
50 Sumners Rd
Sumner, Brisbane, qld

member comment:
Chris and Scott are amazing at dealing with headaches and migraines, including cluster headaches. They have a 90% success rate. call them and they will explain everything to you.

Dr. Geoffrey Boyce

07 41945200
FRASER COAST NEUROSCIENCES Level 2, 73 Main Street, Pialba
Hervey Bay and Gympie, qld

member comment:
From Dr Boyce: I have been a Neurologist for over 30yrs. I have been treating Headache Syndromes for that time. I spent a year working with Professor James Lance ,World Expert in Headache. I am a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology; and follow the Headache Master Class. I trust I am able to help your followers.


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