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DOB: Tuesday, 26th February, 1980
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I've had clusters for 5 yrs. Went through 2 sinus surgerys.... they started @ a time of family seperation. Smirnoff Vodka would set them off in no time. (thinks preservative). They have only progressed dispite avoiding trigger drinks through time. 2 sinus operations - still problems4 yrs. Neourologist thinks Cluster last yr. Prescribed Endep 50mg....worked, but I think I had finished my Cluster of usually 3mths. Had terrible personallity effects from Enpep. Did Isoptin 4 a yr. It helped but had Neurontin 4 the episodes. Had terrible personallity effects, like parinoia, reclusted ect. from Neurontin. Saw Oxygen on the web. Took myself off Isoptin as my blood presrue dropped to dangerous levels. It was only 1.5 what my neourologist suggested. Blood Pressure from 1.5 of what I was prescribed was 92/53. Bed ridden heart rate. I'm 30. Begged for Oxygen. I havent had a full on episope 2 try it properly, in comparision to shovelling 20-30 pills a day. Maybe my cluster has almost finidhed??
Theoritically, my headaches stopped after a sinus surgery in the yrs I had surgery, & I believe it was coz I was on high dose OXYGEN whilst under. Last yr was insane..the intensity. This year a bit milder, but more frequent, but I'm under a lot more stress...which would make the differece of having 1-2 massive attacks to....3 milder a day or none. Maybe i'm @ the end of my cluster... all I live for is HOPE. They started 2mths later this yr & are dropping in intensity. But I live with anxiety every night with my oxygen I had to beg for, as my neourologist had never prescribed it before. I am to report bk 2 him on my outcome with oxygen. I live in fear every night. I'm sick of being so drugged up that I can't function, Oxygen is my last resort if I don't want to lay all day as my blood pressure from preventative medications is so low, that I cant function. I'll try anything not to go through my 6th yr of torture.....

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