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I first experienced cluster bombs when living in Canada in 2000 , got up out of my chair ready to hit the town and collapsed back in my chair holding my right side of my eye , i had never felt this much pain in my life ... this lasted on and off for a couple of weeks then disappeared until mid 2002 at the end of a ski trip to argentina , was in an nightclub dancing when the disco lights hit my head and presto cluster ... lucky for me the flight home was okay but i suffered huge when i got home for about 4 weeks ... being brought to my knees was common .. i think i went okay for the next 4 years , then copped about 26 in 32 days ... one where i drove myself to hospital at night it was that bad , i was desperate ...
now 2011 , just got back from a relaxing holiday in port douglas , feeling on top of the world , was at the eddie vedder gig and felt it coming on ... the oh shit i know this feeling ... thought that night it was okay ... but 2 days later bingo , just before midnight out of nowhere ... 2 days later again and 2 days again ... went to see the doctor yesterday to find some relief , to find that that there is still nothing that works properly is killing me and all of us sufferers ...
If i had a gun next to my bedside table , i would pull the trigger to stop the pain ...
from 45 miniutes to 4hours of intense horrid pain behind the right socket , the softness of the right side cranium , the tightness of the neck ... the feeling of being stabbed in the head and someone ripping teh knife around my head .... what triggers these bastard cluster bombs .... i wish i knew ... from being on top of the world 2 weeks ago i feel like absolute garbage .... i live alone ... to be honest thats the worst feeling ... no one can help ..... if i go on my history , i have 2 - 4 weeks of suffering before it goes away again .... i can only hope thats all i get .... thanks for making this website ... i just found it , i know im not imagining this cause everyone else shares my pain ... non sufferers can not understand what we go through ....

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