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Location: Yarra Glen, Victoria. Oz 
DOB: Tuesday, 25th May, 1965
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Status: Currently suffering :(
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I'm married, but it's a bit complicated there at the moment
I have a 20 YO daughter who's also a great mate and confidante.

I enjoy music in its many forms, always with a heavy bias toward Rock, and Blues. But in the last 10 years or so, I've found myself leaning heavily toward Psytrance (Psycheadelic Trance) because of it's incredibly intricate design, 3D nature and multiple layering (Like music cleverly & subtly hidden within music)

I'm a mechanic by trade, but not so much in the usual sense. The main focus of work in automotive is doing "One Off" custom work, left to right hand drive conversions, engine/driveline upgrades and other major modifications such as vehicle stretching, (like limosines and twin cab ute conversions etc), Essentially, any re engineering from the ground up, including total restorations.

When I get bored with that, I'm also an interstate truck driver, which to me is like taking a holiday, or "Road Trip Adventure" away from working indoors on cars all the time.

My first bout of cluster headache was in my mid twenties (about 20 years ago), and while no one new really anything about them back then, I was relieved to find they just "Disappeared" after approximately 6 months. They returned about 6 or 7 years ago, this time with extreme severity 4 times a day, daily, for another 6 months. They eventually tried me on prednisolone, which I'm not sure helped or the clusters stopped on their own, because it was at least 4 to 6 weeks of use before I actually noticed any form of relief, and then they stopped altogether.

They've come back again, but this time with a difference. When they first started again, (Approximately Christmas, 2010) they were more like a migraine, except on only the right side of my head, and happened randomly only about 2 to 4 times a week, and normal medications "sort of" helped (Nurofin Plus, Advil, etc) However they began increasing in intensity and timing in late Feb early March, and while I was initially "Fooled", it then became obvious the clusters had returned. 3 times a day at approximately the same times every day, on only the right side of my head. Little to no warning of attack, just suddenly there in full swing within 15 to 20 seconds of the initial signs, for approximately 1 to 2 hours at a time. Then within a few minutes, GONE COMPLETELY.

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