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i was a young teen when it first hit, needless to say it 'floored me'. it was put down to 'a headache' and that was that (well it was the 60's folks!) over the next 30 odd years the pain would come and go,always intense and always the same! the doctors didnt know what it was and it was hard to see someone at the time of an attack and get appointments to see inside my head from other specialist so i tended to wait it out and try to cope with it as best i could. i stress that i have not been formally labled by a doctor as having 'cluster headaches' but having had these "pains" in my head for many years on and off i dont need a doctor to tell me i have CH! i just never knew it had a NAME. i always called them "the pains in my head" as funnily enough i very very rarely ever suffered from a normal headache!! my heart goes out to the people suffering from this, i have read some pages of people in an attack and eventhough i thought my attacks were bad, i now know that there are people out there that suffer on a higher level than even i thought possible. over the years (and its been a looong time) i can literaly FEEL one coming on. it starts either on the right or left side of my head just behind the eye. its usually that dull ache that i have come to realise is 'DO' something quick to prevent a full-on attack. i could have this warning 1 hour before an attack or 1 to 2 days before an attack.if i havent stopped it in time before the full-on attack with a heavy painkiller then i have found that it will come on regardless of what i take! it is then that i get the shooting pains, call it a knife,call it stabbing but for me the pains are always the same.the actual pain will only last about 3-4seconds always in the same area where the cluster has decided to go(either right or left!)these pains can occur rapidly having several 3-4sec pains every minute for up to 5 minutes.they can then decress to 2sec pains maybe every 10-15mins, but the whole episode will last for DAYS! the severity is always different and i have adjusted my methods of handling it accordingly.the pain of these things have made me ...cry out in my sleep,cringe,almost black-out,hold my head sooo tight,and always feel utterly exhausted after a pain episode. i remember going for nearly one year without an episode and i was so happy i thought i couldnt have had those things people called a cluster headache because mine had GONE. and i swear that the damn THING heard me and decided to show its ugly head again and i proceded to have one hell of an episode after almost one year free! now.... i just live with it. my pains....will come when they want to, i thought i might have triggers to set them off, eg..stress/heat... but sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt, so after years of the "pains" i figure that they come when ....they want to come! i am having an episode of the "pains" as i write this.i finally decided to look for a site on-line that might be able to help or at least hear from like-minded people! why did i wait so long to even look on-line i dont know! its now day 2.they are still here inside my head and the pains are happening about 3-4 times every 5minutes with only the stabbing pain lasting a second or two, but quite intense! i have a cough too and that sure as buckleys doesnt help! anyway thats MY STORY, i will stay on this site and would love to hear from other CH amazing people. regards sandi

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