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Location: Echuca 
DOB: Wednesday, 11th January, 1967
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I'm not sure if anyone still looks at my profile as it has been pretty much inactive since 2012.
I want to share my current status and maybe it can give some hope to a few. As it says below I had a small episode in March 2012 which was a very unusual time for me to have an episode. Since then I have been CH free! I did make lifestyle changes in January 2011 and again during an extremely intense 13 weeks episode of torture from early July to late October 2011. First change was I gave up a 30 year smoking habit and then starting around October I went on a fitness and weight loss regime that resulted in dropping around 20Kgs and took up cycling and I have averaged around 15,000 kms every year since. I'm not suggesting any of this actually played a part but the psychology from my perspective means I will continue down my current path of the last 9 years for fear of a return of CHs

I first started getting CHs at the age of 21 in 1988 and for the first 8 years I was Chronic then after a trip to a chiro for a back problem amazingly I walked out with the result my first remission .
I have been episodic since and until 2006 my cycles were every year starting late winter through to mid spring time then after 2006 it was 2008 and then 2011, I had a small episode in March 2012 that I brought under control very quickly with Prednisolone
The general intensity of my attacks seems to be increasing with each cycle, but this could all be in my head.(pun intended)

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