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Location: Sydney 
DOB: Wednesday, 13th October, 1982
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Status: Not currently suffering :D
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I've been suffering from CH's now for about 6 years now (current date 21/02/2013) .
For me this is a very debilitating condition. As i work for myself doing Handyman / Carpentry work its hard to plan work during a cycle.
I am currently seeing Prof Zagami at POWH Randwick to get some relief.
Medications i have had some success with Cafergot in the past and also a stomache destroying combination of relpax, nurofen zevance, panadein extra and a can of V for good measure. Lately I have just been using Oxygen as an Abortive as that works for me 90% of the time and has no side effects and won't kill my stomach and liver...
I have also now quit smoking.... for good this time! I have also cut most sugar out of my diet and eating a healthier range of foods, no fast food or soft drinks either... Not sure if this will help with CH's but I feel a lot better for it! :-)
No alcohol during a cycle either as I have found it is a major trigger for me.

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